Bus Routines & Timings

Avail Free Transportation to the Church On Service Days!

Are you thinking of being in church but you are faced with transportation challenge? Never be worried at all, we have got you covered! See below the list of areas covered by our Transportation Unit, with the contact details per location:

JABEL ALI, G4S & QBS 0554866518, 0559184154 6:45am
DIP PARK2 05588596483, 0527126736 6:45am
JLT CLUSTER M&N/ AL BARSHA 0556621369, 0566814911 7:45am
AL QUOZ 0525138556, 0528727342 6:45am
SONAPUR (Labour Camp) 0521561993 7:00am
SATWA (Behind Al Maya Supermarket; Opp Bus Station) 0521614260, 0558376232 7:00am
AL NAHDA, SHARJAH (Lulu Hypermarket/ Al Nahda Park) 0557528316 7:00am, 10:00am
Behind bank of Baroda/ Abu Shagara 0552175084 8:20am
Rolla By Rotana, Sharjah Liberty Camp & Al Nahda Sharjah 0552175084 8:30am
Al Baraha (Jesco Supermarket) 0551051301 8:30am
International City / Academic City (Post Office, Civil Defense Bus Stop) 0564651402 8:30am
Deira Park 0551051301 8:45am
Industry Area 17, Sharjah National Paint, National Paint Building 0552175084 9:45am
Industrial Area 15, Sharjah (Al Badr) 0552175084 9:45am
Al Khail Gate & Al Quoz Labour Camp 0525138556, 0527674226 9:45am
Transguard and Emril Accomodation 0587273142 9:45am
Alimusa ( Sharjah Big Bazar) 0582462625, 0543954769 9:45am
Ajman (Verona Resort, Rona Round About) 0529657615 9:45am
Abu Hail 1 (Mantaka Hamdan/ Small Signal) 0526746608 10:15am
Abu Hail 2 (Behind Etisalat) 0521284931 10:15am
Abu Hail 3 (Big Mosque) 0555650148 10:15am