The Choir ministers to the people in praise, worship and also special songs in all church meetings and services.


Gives the warm Winners welcome to worshippers at the entrance/gate and assists worshippers who may need help to their seats.


Performs protocol duties by manning the church entrance, main sanctuary and the pastor’s office during services and meetings.


The media team is made up of skilled media personnel responsible for graphics, T.V outreach programs, film editing and all forms of electronic and print media.


Welcomes worshippers and directs them to their respective seats Assist in whatever capacity to ensure they are comfortable

Children's Church

This children’s ministry is a colorful, energetic, entertaining and dynamic ministry focused on teaching the word of faith to children

Sanctuary Keepers

Ensures that the main sanctuary, church offices, and the general surrounding of the place of worship are kept clean

Evangelism Team

Organizing occasional mass evangelism for the church. Follow-up on souls won in the street outreaches.

Transportation Unit

Ensures the safe transportation of members from the pick up locations to the church, and from church back to their locations.