What You Should Know About Winners’ World


What You Should Know About Winners’ World

Are you looking for a platform where you would be appreciated and welcomed? Do you need a channel where you can feel God’s hug amid your everyday life? Do you crave to always engage, fuse and communicate with the Holy Spirit through the materials you read? Wouldn’t you want to stay in the loop with every happening of the church? Then, here is a platform that could help you achieve such aspirations.


The newly introduced WINNERS WORLD has been strategically formulated to represent the online community of Winners Chapel International, Dubai. Though it is planned to be rolled out once every month, members of the church would not only have the privilege of staying abreast with the entire events/plans of the church for the month, but will also have access to varieties of articles from different departments in the church and exciting social columns that will make the online community a ‘constantly-want-to-visit’ platform.

That’s not all! Every edition of the WINNERS WORLD will feature a special editorial called ‘THE PASTOR’S COLUMN’ which will divulge Godly teachings that offer reflections on the Christian life and faith. Through this series of editorial, we hope to blend our day-to-day dispositions to the enduring story of Christ, from a pastoral perspective. As stated above, WINNERS WORLD would be sent out once a month and by subscribing to the Data Form, you can have an e-copy of the newsletter sent directly to your inbox.

We believe you would never want to miss it! Tell a friend about it, and stay tuned!

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