Building a Beautiful Home


We bask in the beauty of the mountains, unwind in the peacefulness of canoeing on a pond together, and exclaim the glories of a sunset. Yet, when it comes to decorating our own homes or apartments, we may fail to see a need for beauty and tranquility in our everyday surroundings.

Making your home a place where relationships can be nurtured may seem like a daunting task. Tight finances, clutter that won’t go away, and maybe the clashing of you and your spouse’s decorating styles can inhibit you from ever picking up a paintbrush or putting up wallpaper. Figuring out how to make your home a reflection of your lives together as a family requires patience, planning, and a good dose of compromise.

Professional interior designer Terry Willits helps people see the God-given need for making their homes attractive and provides practical tips on how to accomplish it. The author of several home-décor themed books, Terry believes it is important to stimulate the five senses—touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste—to create an atmosphere that reflects a couple’s or family’s personal style. She strikes a positive balance between the stuff we decorate with and the end result—a warm, welcoming place to live in and grow our marriages, families, and friendships.

In this interview, Terry shares why she believes relationships can be enhanced, and God glorified, by creating peaceful, beautiful homes.

Why should it matter how we decorate our homes or apartments?

Beauty not only matters to our Creator, he is the author of it. Understanding that God is a God of beauty, order, and detail, I realized that while seeking beauty alone in our homes is hollow, there is nothing wrong with enhancing our own dwelling places in a balanced fashion. When I look at the beauty God created in nature, the way he wondrously crafted the details of the world, I am overwhelmed with his love for me. By making my home orderly and attractive, I communicate my love to those who live under my roof.

So, it’s about people.

People are the priority when we are decorating our homes. And people are attracted to beauty. You want your home to be a place that draws people in. We’re not talking about spotlessness and perfection here, but rather beauty, color, and light—anything that communicates love and care.

How does this relate to relationships?

We want to create an environment that will draw our spouses and loved ones home—to make home an attractive, orderly place. The end result is not creating a beautiful structure; rather, it is about making an atmosphere where lives are blessed. It’s not about the stuff. It’s about using the stuff to make a place where people and relationships grow.

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