Attend a Service

Welcome Back!

As the church reopens, the following steps have been put in place by the church leadership to promote a healthy and safe environment for all worshippers, and in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

The steps include the followings:

  1. Online registration is required for anyone planning to attend any physical service.
  2. Face Coverings are required. Face Covering includes, scarves, bandanas, and face masks.
  3. Temperature check will be carried out at the entrance of the church and individuals with temperature reading above 99 Fahrenheit will be denied entrance into the Church and encouraged to watch the service online.
  4. Please remember to keep your social distance by keeping 6 feet apart at all times.
  5. Automatic hand sanitizing dispensers are installed throughout the Church premises to encourage good hand hygiene.
  6. During this initial phase of reopening of the church, the children and teenagers church will still be closed, we encourage parents with children and teens to stay home and continue remote online e-services.