Midweek Communion Service


The Holy Communion is a New Testament covenant mystery that gurantees a sound body and flourishing health. Jesus first introduced this meal in Mark 14:22-24.

Furthermore in John 6:55, he told the people, "For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed." In other words, "I am giving you the highest form of nutrients you will ever need for sound health and vitality." He further described the value of this spiritual meal.

The meal releases strength, health and longevity, if taken with the correct spiritual perspective. The communion (the flesh and the blood of Jesus) is one of the mysteries of God designed to actualize the flow of eternal life (Zoe) that is immune to all forms of sickness and diseases into our mortal bodies.

Event Details

Organizer : Winners Chapel Dubai WCI Dubai

Start Date : 2022-06-22

End Date : 2022-06-22

Time : 7.00 pm